Sarah Lou's Solutions - Holistic Therapist

Offering 121 video calls, home visits or a private room at The Harmony Centre, Walpole, Halesworth.
Supporting you to bring Harmony and Balance to your life.


A supportive service for adolescents & adults which addresses all areas of your life, health and well-being. Person -centred, promoting your self-development, all sessions will be based around the individual. Emotional support as well as practical needs are addressed. A non-judgemental & friendly attitude to support you with clarification & progress.


There are three key areas I will help you with. De-cluttering your physical space, organising your belongings and supporting you to retrain your head space to avoid re-occurring negative patterns. A non-judgemental & sensitive but productive service. Together we are sure to create a clear and calm space as well as find a good long term solution.  


Natural healing; The process of restoring a harmonious flow of energy across the body. The effect of well balanced energies often translates into a feeling of relaxation, well-being & centeredness. A dowsing pendulum, reiki & Crystals are used to balance the Chakras. Affirmations & other well-being techniques can be given to support with your anxiety, stress, depression & much more.


Providing guidance towards your business goals. Digital, practical & traditional marketing support. Constructing websites, landing pages & social media accounts, Individualised support offered every step of the way. Supporting start-ups, small businesses and independents. Offering the complete running of your platforms or supporting you to understand and function your own site. 


Offering assistance to all areas of life. Bringing balance back into your life & eliminating stress by supporting with a multitude of tasks both practically, emotionally and socially. Additionally supporting with end of life plans. Offering technological advances to save you time. Let me take care of the boring stuff so you can enjoy more time to do what you love.


I truly believe each of you are unique and therefore the assistance you require will be completely based around your own personal needs.

Experience and education means I can offer an array of methods that will suit all circumstances. I look at everything holistically and offer individualised, person-centred, engaging services for each and every one of you!


 I am enthusiastic, non-judgemental & patient in nature. I want to empower people like you to achieve goals and make positive changes to bring balance and harmony back to your lives. My services are all professional but I pride myself in my friendly & relaxed manner. 

Fully insured, CRB checked and part of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapies

One Step at a time...


Feeling overwhelmed with modern day life?

  Stuck in rut? 

Not sure which way to go next?

Want to get your business up and running?

Get in touch to find out how we can work together to maximise your potential, provide clarity and achieve your goals. 



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