Life Coaching,
Support & Guidance

Whether you want healthier relationships, to start your own business, fulfil your career or attract financial abundance, together we will do the inner work and take the external steps you need to move towards your goals so you can create an easier, more fulfilling and happier life.

If you are ready to heal past wounds, gain self-confidence, stop self sabotage and achieve your goals, I am here to help you!


- Offering support to both adolescents & adults in an emotional and practical sense.

Helping you to find a strategic, effective and focused pathway

- No Judgement, a friendly & empathetic coach to confide in


- Aiding clarification towards your career, work, & other areas of life


- Motivate and inspire you to reach your life goals

Providing an active listening ear 

- Promoting Self-discovery & Healing

- Trained in Mindfulness I can give relaxation & well-being techniques such as meditation to support you to deal better with your anxiety, stress, depression and much more. Chakra balancing, Crystal healing and Affirmations will support you to bring Harmony back. (This is optional at your discretion). 

- I adhere to all confidentiality and data protection so you can rest assured you can talk to me in confidence and be completely honest about how you are feeling.   

- I can assist practically with CV's, interview preparation, public speaking, college applications, advice on self-employment and help you research and access other services. 



 Keeping in contact to make sure you hold yourself accountable. pushing towards your target with helpful reminders.


- Growth - Change - Business - Health - Plan - Techniques - Performance - Goals - 

- Action - Future - Behaviour - Direction - Inspire - Tips - Success - 

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