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Whether you want healthier relationships, feel stuck in a rut or are just looking for positive change in your mindset and life, together we will do the inner work and take the external steps you need to move towards your goals so you can create an easier, more fulfilling and happier life.

A supportive service which addresses your past, present & future experiences. Stepping forward into a positive health and well-being. Person - centred, promoting your self-development. I offer a non-judgemental & friendly attitude to support you with clarification & progress. increasing your self-awareness & knowledge along the way.

If you are ready to heal past wounds, gain self-confidence, stop self sabotage and achieve your goals,  you are in the right place!


- Offering support to both adolescents & adults 

Helping you to find a strategic, effective and focused pathway

- No Judgement, a friendly & empathetic coach to confide in


- Aiding clarification towards your career, work, & other areas of life


- Motivate and inspire you to reach your life goals

Providing an active listening ear 

- Promoting Self-discovery, confidence, knowledge & awareness

Using a person- centred approach, we will be looking into your life holistically. The aim of our sessions is to find clarification and direction. Motivating and inspiring you to reach your life goals whilst increasing your own self-awareness and knowledge along the way. Reducing stress, anxiety and other unwelcomed feelings.

Promoting your well-being is key, taking time to talk about your health, worries and concerns can shed light on difficult situations. It is up to you what we talk about and how you want to move forward, our sessions will provide a place where you can be yourself. My role is to help you find a strategic, effective and focused pathway. No judgements, a friendly and empathetic therapist for you to confide in. I will work alongside you, keeping your goals and aspirations in sight. You have ownership of our sessions but I will always positively engage with you to achieve your targets. Keeping in contact to make sure you hold yourself accountable, pushing towards your goal with helpful reminders & personalised programmes. Creating a clear perspective together we will stay focused on the solution!

- Trained in Mindfulness I can give relaxation & well-being techniques such as meditation and energy healing to support you to deal better with your anxiety, stress, depression and much more.  (This is optional at your discretion). 

- I adhere to all confidentiality and data protection so you can rest assured you can talk to me in confidence and be completely honest about how you are feeling.   

- I can assist practically with CV's, interview preparation, public speaking, college applications, advice on self-employment and help you research and access other services eliminating the stress of these tasks. 



 Keeping in contact to make sure you hold yourself accountable. pushing towards your target with helpful reminders.


- Growth - Change - Business - Health - Plan - Techniques - Performance - Goals - 

- Action - Future - Behaviour - Direction - Inspire - Tips - Success - 


Your Investment -

£75 - Initial consultation up to 1.5 hours, includes relaxation treatment

£60 - Follow up session & treatment - 1 hour

£45 - 40 mins

£30 - Zoom / Telephone Call - 30 mins

I look forward to meeting you,

Sarah Lou

sarahlou holistic therapist yin yang
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