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Distance Energy Healing

Experience the power of distance healing with Sarahlou

Service Description

Do you ever feel like you are just out of sync? Maybe you are fatigued, overwhelmed or struggling with anxiety or stress. If that is the case then introducing complimentary therapies into your life could be the first stepping stone to feeling more in balance, more like yourself. Do you want to..... Align energy Reduce & release stress Support your personal growth & spiritual development Increase self healing Restore a healthy mind and body connection Induce Relaxation As with other holistic treatments the idea of distance energy Healing may seem far fetched to some but if you are ready to explore these are lovely treatments to have. Distance sessions are encouraged for those of you who may be too far away or unable to travel. (Distance does not affect the energy or affect of the treatment) 3 short sessions - (20 minutes) - we arrange a time and I send healing remotely Connect via video call and have a full 'in person' session remotely (1 Hour) Both options are £66 The best way to arrange your sessions if looking for the 3 is to contact me directly

Cancellation Policy

- All Event Bookings and Pica Crystal Healing sessions are non refundable unless cancelled by the practitioner. I appreciate that unforeseen circumstances can arise and sympathise with any need to cancel. However, please note that unfortunately, I’m unable to provide refunds. - For 121 sessions - 72 hours’ notice is required for all cancellations. Cancellations with less than 72 hours notice will be charged in full. - If the time of a planned session is cut short at the client’s discretion, then full payment must still be made. - By making your booking you agree you have no contraindications and have read and agree to SarahLou's Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions

Contact Details

  • 8 Old Station Road, Halesworth, UK


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