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Introducing our bespoke Chakra Alignment sets, the perfect addition to your wellbeing collection. Each bag is carefully curated with a selection of crystals specifically chosen to align and balance each of your chakras. In addition to the crystals, joss sticks, affirmations, and other goods can be included to help you create a peaceful and harmonious environment. Our Chakra Wellbeing kits are an excellent tool for meditation or simply to enhance your daily wellbeing routine.

Bespoke bundles selected using a dowsing pendulum insuring a unique selection specifically for you and your needs.


Treat yourself to a little self-care and shop our Chakra Wellbeing collection today.


Three Bundle Sizes

Small £22

Medium £33

Large £44


Pictures are examples of  different prices and sized bundles.

Each wellbeing set s completely bespoke!

Please Specify your choice of Chakra at Checkout or if you would like this chosen intuitively for you.

Chakra Wellness Bundles

PriceFrom £22.00