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Personal & Computer Assistance

Offering assistance to all areas of life. Bringing balance back into your life & eliminating stress by supporting with a multitude of tasks both practically, emotionally and socially. Additionally supporting with end of life plans. Offering technological advances to save you time. Let me take care of the boring stuff so you can enjoy more time to do what you love.



- Enhance your own life or that of a loved one. Ideal for an older, vulnerable or busy clientele. 

- Let me take care of the boring stuff so you can spend more time doing what you love.

- Helping with all areas of life, socially, practically & technologically

- Reducing stress by assisting with those irritating chores that hang over us: writing letters, making calls, seeking activities

- Motivating & supporting you to tackle your to do list

- Assistance to build on your computer skills enabling you to access those pictures, emails. or do some shopping online.

-Efficient use of technology to save you both time and money

-Reducing anxiety by liaising and understanding issues on your behalf

- Confidence building with my kind and patient nature


My down to earth manner, high motivation & and organisational skills make me the right person to turn to in these situations. 

Let me assist you to bring harmony & balance back into your life!

Computer Assistance - Specialising in:

- Buying and selling online

- Emails and attachments

- Word and power point assistance

- Ebay

- Social Media

- Form filling

- Consultation forms / invoices with your logo

- Filing documents and pictures

- Comparison quotes

Our sessions can be on a 121 tutoring basis or I can access and run your accounts for you. 

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