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Natural Healing & Relaxation

Do you want to  bring about a positive state of mind & well-being, reduce anxiety, pain and other unwanted feelings and behaviours?
If so Natural Healing and Positive Coaching is the right road for you..

We are all made up of three parts - mind, emotion and body.  To be relaxed we need to function efficiently, with all three parts working in balance.  If any one of them is out of harmony the other two are thrown out of gear; the balance becomes disturbed and life can cease to be smooth and harmonious.


If you truly want to be and have the patience to practise and the courage to accept life is not always easy we have the ability to learn to be relaxed people.  

If you hold on to chaos, procrastinating and stress then instead of there being only the right amount of tension in each to ensure comfortable, efficient living, the tension starts to build up unnecessarily and unevenly.


This can result in fatigue, poor health, the inability to perform adequately and an upset body chemistry.  Life can lose its glow; we can become uncoordinated – mentally, emotionally and physically – uneasy and unhappy.  Our world appears to be falling apart and we often feel we are helpless to remedy matters because we cannot even think straight!

Next time you find you are getting caught up in an ever-increasing rush, make your mind take charge firmly - say; Wait! Slow down! Let your breath go, drop your shoulders and loosen your jaw. Breathe in gently from your tummy, then slowly sigh it out again.  If you need to speak, let it be a little more deeply and more slowly.

Book in to find out what tools and practises work for you, together we will restore Harmony & Balance. 

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