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In Depth Healing

Everything you need to slow your thoughts, relax your body & induce calm. 


Exclusively offered as a 3 part deep healing package, the perfect way to restore Harmony and Balance!

Healing Stones
Reiki Treatment

 What's Involved

3 x weekly 1 hour deep healing sessions.

Using a combination of Reiki, Crystals, Meditation & Chakra Balancing to soothe, calm and energise the body and mind.

Holistic healing addresses you as a whole - paying as much attention to your spiritual and emotional wellbeing as to your physical health. Designed with inner peace in mind, each treatment is focused to help bring you back to your best!


Self Development

All sessions are non-invasive, natural and enjoyable.

Slow down and calm down with these comforting and gentle treatments.

Reduce unwanted feelings and re balance energies so you can get back to being you!  

Investment of only £150

Pink Lotus Flower

Book this wonderful collection of sessions simply message me below so we can get you booked in

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