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Business Coaching
& Marketing

Providing guidance and support towards your business goals. Holistically we will nott leave any stone unturned!

Digital, practical & traditional marketing support.

Constructing websites, landing pages & social media accounts, Individualised support offered every step of the way. Supporting start-ups, small businesses and independents. Offering the complete running of your platforms or supporting you to understand and function your own site. 

3 x Hour one to one coaching starter Pack only £150

- Helping you to find a strategic, effective and focused pathway

- Motivate and inspire you to reach your business goals

- Improve your own understanding of various advertising platforms

- Support you with your current digital, traditional and practical marketing choices as well as move you forward

A friendly, reliable and personalised service tailored to you and your business.

Entwining all of my personality and services means my innate urge to teach, organisation skills and experience of running two of my own businesses means I can offer you a thorough and supportive service.


My business support can be in the shape of a 1-2-1 ‘lesson’ or I can independently run Facebook pages, social media & websites on your behalf.

I can help you right from the beginning, brainstorming and setting you up with a great business plan. I can give a fresh set of eyes and outlook on what you have already built. Together we can build on what you already have in place and improve your understanding of the platforms you need to use for your business. 


I am professional but very relaxed during these sessions as I always want my clients to be at ease and to go at your pace. From the beginning of an idea for a business, to designing your flyers and supporting you with current trends my business support will leave no stone unturned!


-Business Planning​

-Logos, Branding, Websites

-Gathering client data (GDPR)

-Advice, Guidance and Support

-Marketing for your specific audience

-Tips on book keeping & cost saving ideas

-Business set up, practical skills & organisational 

-Consultation Forms, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy

-Flyers, Marketing material, Business Cards designing and printing

-Social Media – Improve your understanding & checking everything is in order



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 Whether you are just starting out in business or a fully fledged company the Marketing service I offer caters for all needs. I can create a bespoke starter website to a full on online store. I offer both support to you online & practically. I can help you with your marketing materials, consultation forms, terms & conditions, logos as well as other essentials for your business. I offer advice for budgeting / recording financial data and organisation tools to keep structure and direction. I can tutor and assist you to understand and navigate your own marketing tools & websites or I can solely take on the responsibility on your behalf.

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