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Unlock the Power of Crystals - 2nd Nov

Sarahlou's Crystal Workshop!

Service Description

Join us for an enlightening and fun-filled Crystal Workshop with Sarahlou. Discover the fascinating world of crystals and their healing powers in a relaxed and light-hearted atmosphere. During the workshop, you will have the opportunity to see, touch, and experience the energies of various crystals and learn how to use them for self-healing and spiritual growth. Whether you are a crystal enthusiast or a first-timer, this workshop will provide you with valuable insights and practical tools to support your journey of self-discovery. - Crystal Science & Formation - History of Crystals - Crystal grids - Altars & Affirmations - Cleansing your Crystals - Using a dowsing pendulum - Chakra balancing with Crystals & much more. Set intentions and focus your energies. Connecting, relaxing and being at one with yourself and other like minded individuals. Use Crystals to support and empower you through your journey of self-discovery. Guided Meditation, Herbal Tea, Crystal Healing. Sarah will also support you to align your own energy and build confidence to use a dowsing pendulum. Herbal Teas, Bespoke Reference Booklet and Crystal Gift. Held at The Harmony Centre, Walpole, Halesworth IP19 9BB