Autumn Equinox 2022
Half Day Retreat 

A fabulous time to connect and ground ourselves with love and self care.

Take time out from the hustle and bustle..

Healing Stones
Healing Stones
24th September 10am-1pm

Join me for 3 hours of meditation, crystals, chakra balancing and connection. Aspire to be empowered, calm, motivated or maybe relaxed. There is no right or wrong, come along to enjoy and just be...

Herbal tea, Relaxation & Guided Meditation


The Harmony Centre, Walpole

It is the time of year to recognise, share and be grateful for our blessings. Its a time for reflection and stillness. 

Join me at The Harmony Centre in Walpole, the perfect place to enjoy some relaxation, set your goals and restore Harmony and Balance.

Only a £45


To book your space for this wonderful experience simply visit my Online store with the following link