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There are three key areas I will help you with. De-cluttering your physical space, organising your belongings and supporting you to retrain your head space to avoid re-occurring negative patterns. A non-judgemental & sensitive but productive service. Together we are sure to create a clear and calm space as well as find a good long term solution.  

- Gentle but productive de-cluttering for your home, office or second property. There are three key areas I will help you with:

* De-cluttering your physical space

*Organising and sorting your belongings

*Redesigning your head space.

- I will help you to tackle the jobs you've been hiding away from. Together we are sure to create a clear and calm space as well as find a good long term solution.

- I am non judgemental and have an open mind to every situation I come across understanding that by letting someone into your home you are likely to feel vulnerable. I respect that it is a brave step you have made to start taking control of your chaos and clutter, however big or small it is.

- During this process you are the decision-maker in what stays and what goes. I will offer perspective to help you come to those decisions but you have ownership!

- I am respectful, I would never get rid of any client's possessions without consent and can take a long term and sensitive approach if there are deep rooted causes to hoarding or clutter. 


- It is not to be underestimated how much clutter and disorganisation can impact upon ones mental health and we can work together to gently get your home and life back on track.  I'll encourage you to focus mindfully on creating a haven to retreat to or a productive area to work in. 

- I will provide advice and support along the way as well as leave you with organised systems that easier to manage and keep in check. You will gain clarity along the way of what is important and what you can let go of. 

- I include the offer of a post session trip to the local charity shop with any items you have chosen to donate and also have a 'Waste carrier' license and a partner with a van should you need a big clear out. 



De-cluttering and re-organising can be for many situations. Let's tackle the clutter and bring harmony and balance back into your life. 

£40 per hour or block sessions available - please get in touch

My Partner also runs a man with a van service and can remove larger itesm, take them to auction or dispose if required. His business can be found here - Whitings delivery