Introduction to Crystals Workshop

Simple but informative introduction to crystals and their properties.

Whether you are just curious or looking to support your own  journey this workshop will be a great stepping stone.

Healing Stones
Healing Stones
Fun & Informative

Light hearted & relaxed. Crystals will be available for you to see and hold to support your understanding of the energies involved with using them for healing. We will discuss crystal grids, altars, affirmations and chakra balancing with Crystals. 

Herbal tea, Relaxation and Guided Mediation included


Self Development

Use Crystals to support and empower you through your journey of self-discovery.

Friday 27th May

10am - 1pm

Only a £45


To book your space for this wonderful experience simply visit my Online store with the following link

Workshop & Event Investments are non refundable unless event is postponed by the practitioner.


If however your space is filled, a refund will be given minus the deposit cost.